Growing Readers Demo Site

This site could be YOURS! I am working to set up a few demo sites that can easily be modified for new bloggers at a lower price. This site includes the following features:

  • Custom header and menu with icons
  • Call to Action Hero Image
  • Inspirational Quote with Animated Text
  • Abut the Author
  • Promo Boxes Directed to Categories
  • Testimonial Line
  • Stylized Photo
  • Three Section Footer

The blog feed, popular products or other topics can be added without much effort.

Modifications to this site would be just the text copy, the graphics, and color scheme. The layout would remain the same since everything has been configured to speed up the design process. If you would like to discuss this design further, please add Growing Readers to your subject line and send me a message at [email protected]


Carla has been blogging since 2012, and through that experience, she learned how to maintain and fix things on her website. Over time, friends asked for help, and with a strong interest in technology, Carla became interested in designing. She's worked to learn and grow, and has created close to 25 sites so far. She's able to help you with Blogger or Word Press sites and will stick with the job til you are 100% satisfied.