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About The Web Designer

Hello! I’m Carla, the web designer and developer with Site Designs for You, and I’m glad you decided to learn more about me. Well, I started blogging in 2012 when I opened my first online teacher store called Comprehension Connection. At first, I knew nothing about platforms, blogging best practices, and even what to write about. I just knew that things were super busy, and I knew I could use my blog as a way to share what worked well for me in the classroom and with my students. I hadn’t made any money on Teachers Pay Teachers yet, so investing a lot of money into a website just didn’t seem to be a wise business decision. Boy, did I have that wrong!

I have since learned the value of a great website. It’s always the number one traffic source to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and it is one of the few things we as business owners can control about our businesses unlike social media. Does this sound like your scenario? If so, you have lots of company, and you are certainly not alone.

Since 2012, I have been through quite a few website designs on Blogger and on WordPress. I have managed 5-6 websites including some I’ve designed (Virginia is for Teachers, VSLA-Piedmont (reading council site), Comprehension Connection, and this site).  In fact, some of these sites are ready for redesigns, but alas, my focus has shifted. Additionally, I’ve helped numerous friends with their website needs including redesigns, widget additions, customizations, email list integration, website store additions, and graphic design. I just really love it. I love the creation process, and I especially love making customers happy with the final result. For me, everything related to the website is a learning process, and my number one priority is to support my clients whether we are just getting started, or whether we’ve had a long history of blogging together. I’m constantly learning, and I  try to help clients in that process too.

Why Choose

Site Designs for You

I take any job I work on seriously, and my clients typically become new friends. Therefore, I take pride in helping my clients’ businesses grow as they develop their brands. I work to ensure that the final website result matches my clients’ business goals, and I work with them to learn about their business, ideal customers, about their products and services, and about what they want out of their website.

Website Designer Carla Fedeler Site Designs for You

Here's what you can expect from me...

Happy Clients

I'm not done with your site until you are completely satisfied. I will share progress notes and videos throughout the process in order to get your feedback and input. Please check out client testimonials.


The best way to achieve the final design that YOU want is through communication. I will have you outline things you like and dislike about other sites to get an idea of YOUR vision. I will also ask for you to provide some of the verbiage I use and photos that will make your site personal and tell your story.


Many clients aren't sure of what they want. If that is you, then I am happy to share suggestions. We can discuss colors, layouts, fonts, and images. I also have a portfolio that you can look at to see if these sites match your style.

Client Support

Once your site is complete, you will receive support with WordPress or Blogger through video tutorials as well as through my Facebook group. I believe we learn best from each other, and I provide two weeks of support for free. I also offer ongoing site maintenance plans for those who need help getting started.



The first thing most potential customers see is your website. You should treat it like you would an interview. Professionals try to put their “best foot forward” when they interview by arriving on time, being prepared, dressing appropriately, and by generally making a good first impression. If your brand stands out, your potential customer will stick around on your site to learn more. Therefore, your website needs to have a these important elements.

Easy to use

Your site needs to be easy to navigate. Important pages should be in your menu and text should be concise, broken up into readable chunks, and accented with purposeful photos and icons. I suggest using buttons strategically placed to support users, easy to read fonts, and clear branding.

Use an Appealing Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme that appeals to readers is more important than you think. You want your color palette to give your customer a sense of calm if you are a yoga instructor, excitement if you're a musician, or happiness if you're a therapist, and keep accessibility in mind too with contrast.

All about fonts

Some people can be very choosy when it comes to fonts, but the most important thing about fonts is that they work FOR THE CUSTOMER. Clean bold fonts work well for titles and captions. For the text though, you must choose a font that is easy on the eyes. Make sure the font is for commercial use.


Finally, we all know time is money. If a site is slow to load and hard to navigate, what will happen? Will the content matter to the reader? Hate to tell you this, but the answer is, "No!" The reader will click out and move on. There are lots of things that impact site speed, and I will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made with my early blogging experience.

A Word from

Happy Clients

Client satisfaction means the world to me, and I truly love hearing what they have to say. When the site is complete, I try very hard to support my clients in maintaining their sites and branding. We walk through the site together. I work to help my clients understand how to use WordPress or Blogger in order to keep the site working well. Oversized images can be a big problem, so I certainly emphasize this in our “walk through”. You can check out their feedback below.

I really enjoyed working with Carla! I approached her about updating my website, and she got me on her schedule quickly. She helped me redesign my entire website, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Two things I really appreciated about working with Carla are that she makes sure she understands exactly what you want while making her own suggestions for improvement. I also appreciated how she works in a timely manner so this website redesign didn’t hang over my head for too long. It’s been fun to see sales coming from my website now as a result of the redesign. I highly recommend Carla if you’re looking for website design!

Jen | ELA Skill Builder

Carla Fedeler was great to work with! She really captured my vision but also offered ideas for new things I would have never thought of. She is timely and very helpful with all things website! I highly recommend her to help build and/or maintain your website!

Alissa | Hinzspire You

I recently had the pleasure of working with Carla to design and create my website and I couldn’t be happier with the results! From the moment I contacted Carla, I knew she was the right person for the job. She was so knowledgeable and answered all of my questions through the whole process. She was able to turn my ideas and vision into a reality. I was amazed at how quickly everything was done! I whole heartedly recommend Carla at Site Designs for You for all of your website needs!

Mandie | Differentiation Corner

Site Designs for You and Carla did a wonderful job with my website. She redesigned it and helped with SEO and now I am being “seen” and getting “hits”! Yay! Site Designs for You for you is a local company so you get lots of one on one attention. She truly cares about how your site looks is excellent at either building a new website or redesigned an old, boring one! Kudos to Carla!! Thank you Site Designs for You!!

Heather | Owner of Focused Choice Dog Training

I can’t recommend Carla enough. She has helped me update my blog and add functions to help make it better. She is my “go-to” person for questions and she’s always available to help. If you are considering creating a website or updating your existing website, she’s there for you.

Cathy | The WISE Owl

Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an EXPERT in the field.~ Penelope Trunk


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