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Whether you’re just beginning with blogging or have been around a while, Blogger is a platform that shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s relatively free. In fact, that’s the very reason you SHOULD look at Blogger as your platform.

Benefits of Blogger Sites:

First of all, I mentioned the primary reason most bloggers start with Blogger as their platform already. Hosting your site on Blogger is free, so you are able to have a nice looking site without paying for hosting. Many bloggers begin with a DIY site, and that is totally fine. That’s how we learn. I paid for my first site in 2012 and have redone my site about annually since! (I like to keep it fresh.) I recommend purchasing your domain (.com address) versus using the blogspot address. It does look more professional and is easy to set up.

Another benefit of a Blogger site is the ability to customize it. You can have most of the bells and whistles found on other platforms. I used to use templates from Georgia Lou Studios, but when they suddenly went out of business, I had to look for other options. Etsy offers lots of theme options for Blogger if its the platform you prefer. You can see some of the Blogger sites I’ve done on the Portfolio tab. 

Finally, Blogger is easy to use. If you can type a paragraph and insert a photo, then you can use Blogger. As you learn more about blogging, you’ll find it gets easier to add more pizzazz, but the key is sharing the content and building a following.

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided that Blogger is where you’ll begin, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Decide on your theme (visit Etsy for Blogger theme options) or chat with me about other options and purchase your domain.
  2. Pick your color scheme (search Pinterest for color palettes you like)
  3. If clip art will be used, you MUST obtain permissions for use on your website. 
  4. Finally, you’ll need to choose your fonts. Keep them clean and easy to read. Google fonts are needed.

I also strongly suggest looking at your favorite websites and blogs to pin down features that you want. Do you want a slider or not? Bright colors or calm colors? What widgets will you want to include and where? Look at demo sites to get an idea of the layout, but once you have it narrowed down, you can always message me to get an idea of the pros and cons to different templates. I’ve worked with almost all of them.

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