Cathy Collier’s The WISE Owl

Cathy Collier's The WISE Owl

The WISE Owl uses a retired Georgia Lou Studios theme, Kiersten. With Cathy’s site, I provided tech support to help her install all of the design elements to her template. She needed a few widgets coded for her as well as a few design elements to add to her existing header and logo used with permission from Blogs Fit for a Queen. You can see her site using the link above.


Carla has been blogging since 2012, and through that experience, she learned how to maintain and fix things on her website. Over time, friends asked for help, and with a strong interest in technology, Carla became interested in designing. She's worked to learn and grow, and has created about 50 sites so far. She's able to help you with Blogger or Wordpress sites and will stick with the job til you are 100% satisfied.

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