Kinder My Way, Engaging Resources for Kindergarten Teachers

Kinder My Way, Engaging Resources for Kindergarten Teachers

Kinder My Way with Susie was created using the Jemma Template from Georgia Lou Studios. Susie wanted a complete website look and update. She also wanted to market her teaching resources, so we added a resource library, email integration, social media integration, a section to promote her resources and a few other customizations. She has a custom slider for her TPT resources and promo boxes to direct traffic. You can visit her site HERE

Kinder My Way Branding

Susie had a logo created by another designer, so we used the same fonts and colors to create a header graphic and promo boxes to match. Her color scheme were bright colors with black for a nice pop.

Links to Other Blogger Sites like Your Dual Classroom:

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Kinder My Way offers resources for kindergarten teachers


Carla has been blogging since 2012, and through that experience, she learned how to maintain and fix things on her website. Over time, friends asked for help, and with a strong interest in technology, Carla became interested in designing. She's worked to learn and grow, and has created about 50 sites so far. She's able to help you with Blogger or Wordpress sites and will stick with the job til you are 100% satisfied.

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