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Debbi from Teaching with a Vision reached out to have a website built to highlight her Teachers Pay Teachers resources. Debbi is gearing up for retirement, but has a LOT to share with teachers. She’s spent many years working as a curriculum coordinator and mentor to new teachers, and she specializes in literacy resources.

About the Teaching with a Vision website:

Debbi was not at all sure what she wanted in terms of colors or fonts, so we went to work searching for a fresh color palette. I shared a variety of font pairings with her as well as an assortment of color palettes to get us started. Then, I designed the header options using those colors and fonts. She loved what we settled on. You can check out her home page to the right.

Teaching with a Vision Elements:

Debbi’s site includes five pages (home, blog, about, subscribe and contact pages). On the home page, we have featured the following:

  • Call to Action Top Bar
  • Hero image linked to blog
  • Shop Categories
  • Subscribe Opt In
  • Blog Feed
  • Testimonials
  • Featured Products
  • Welcome message
  • Quote
  • Footer

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Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to chatting with you about your project.

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