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Fox Property Solutions, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, buys and sells property in the Central Virginia area. Melissa, owner of Fox Property Solutions, needed a way for homeowners hoping or needing to sell their property to find her company. Melissa’s company works hard to make repairs when they are needed, support sellers who need to sell, match renters with available properties, and more.

What’s Included on the Fox Property Solutions Website?

To get Melissa’s site up and rolling, we decided to start with a single page site and plan to add additional pages as Melissa’s business gets rolling.

On her home page, we share quite a bit about Central Virginia because this area is really growing. As you see all of the amazing photos, you’ll see why! We also share the buying and selling process, information about Melissa and her team’s goals, and information about current listings. You can check it out and if you are in the area, follow her on social media to get her latest listings.

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