My Literacy Spot offers Engaging Literacy Resources for Young Learners

My Literacy Spot offers teaching resources for young readers. This is a preview of the site.

My Literacy Spot was created with Marie’s using the Jemma template from Georgia Lou Studios. Marie wanted to build her email marketing program, so we integrated her Mailchimp account with the opt in widgets in two locations. We also added her social media feeds at the bottom.

Branding on My Literacy Spot

For branding, we used Marie’s favorite colors, lavender and pale yellow and carried these through all elements on her site. She uses KG fonts in her resources, so we used them on her site too.

Links to Other Blogger Sites like Your Dual Classroom:

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My Literacy Spot offers teaching resources for young readers.


Carla has been blogging since 2012, and through that experience, she learned how to maintain and fix things on her website. Over time, friends asked for help, and with a strong interest in technology, Carla became interested in designing. She's worked to learn and grow, and has created about 50 sites so far. She's able to help you with Blogger or Wordpress sites and will stick with the job til you are 100% satisfied.

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