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The Therapy Crate, a Site for Special Educators

The Therapy Crate Title Image

Recently, I completed The Therapy Crate Blogger website for Saundra. She is an SLP, and she focuses on lessons for the middle school level. She provides services for mixed groups, so you’ll find tips for these types of services on her site. It is a new site, so give her some time to add content. […]

Mrs. G Dual Language, a site supporting Spanish Speaking and Bilingual Students

Mrs. G Dual Language blogger design

Mrs. G Dual Language offers support for Spanish speaking and Bilingual students. Recently, this site got a Blogger update using the Jemma theme. Gladys wanted bright colors to coordinate with her “mascot”, the owl. As part of her redesign, a new header and logo were created as well as promo boxes targeting important site pages. […]

Kapeesh Kaposh, a site offering engaging resources for primary teachers

Kapeesh Kaposh Web Design by Site Designs for You

Molly at Kapeesh Kaposh was having difficulty with her current theme and needed me to check it out. We decided that a theme change was best for adding the elements she needed on her site. She worked on revising posts and getting things cleaned up while I took care of the theme replacement, a few […]

Resource Creator, A Business Teacher with Engaging Teaching Tips

Resource Creator Web Design by Site Designs for You

Annette is a High School Business Teacher in New Zealand and author of Resource Creator, and planning her site meant working around time zones. She wanted something that was professional and not too “teachery”. Below, you’ll find all of the details. Creating Resource Creator: Annette and I came up with teal, burgandy and natural tones […]

First Grade Roars

First Grade Roars web design by Site Designs for You

First Grade Roars is an educational website built using the Jemma theme from Georgia Lou Studios.