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Kapeesh Kaposh, a site offering engaging resources for primary teachers

Kapeesh Kaposh is a website offering primary educational resources and teaching tips.

Molly at Kapeesh Kaposh was having difficulty with her current theme and needed me to check it out. We decided that a theme change was best for adding the elements she needed on her site. She worked on revising posts and getting things cleaned up while I took care of the theme replacement, a few design elements, email integration, adding her social media, and polishing off a landing page. What a difference five hours makes! You can see the live site if you click the image above.

More about Kapeesh Kaposh:

Molly creates resources for the primary grades, and offers them on her Kapeesh Kaposh store with TPT. Kapeesh Kaposh is a Blogger hosted site. You can view additional Blogger sites using the links below.

Kapeesh Kaposh is a website offering primary educational resources and teaching tips.

Links to Other Blogger Sites:

It was my pleasure helping Molly with her site, and if you have a need, you can reach out to Site Designs for You via the contact form to the right.

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