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Old Theme, but a Brand New Look for Love Those Kinders!

Love Those Kinders Blogger Site Featured Image

Cindy has been a TPTer for over ten years, and she thought her site, Love Those Kinders, was in need of an update. Well, with so much on her to-do list, we decide to keep the theme, but update the branding. Now, the site has a fresh new look and a new domain too. Cindy’s […]

Teacher Toy Shop, a Science Site with a Toy-Like Feel

Teacher Toy Shop Blog Post Feature Image

Teacher Toy Shop offers science resources and tips with a toy-like feel. This site uses a new blogger theme from Jedi Themes called Gemma. The theme was highly customized from the original in order to include the elements that Nancy wanted to include. The home page featured three promo slides linked to key parts of […]

Math All Day Gets a Brand New Site!

Math All Day has a brand new site!

Ellen from Math All Day decided a Blogger website was what she needed to begin to grow her educational resources business. Ellen teaches Math All Day at the middle school level. Her color palette was established with royal blue and hot pink, so we added in a few complimentary colors. We also used the fonts […]

The Therapy Crate, a Site for Special Educators

The Therapy Crate Title Image

Recently, I completed The Therapy Crate Blogger website for Saundra. She is an SLP, and she focuses on lessons for the middle school level. She provides services for mixed groups, so you’ll find tips for these types of services on her site. It is a new site, so give her some time to add content. […]

Mrs. G Dual Language, a site supporting Spanish Speaking and Bilingual Students

Mrs. G Dual Language blogger design

Mrs. G Dual Language offers support for Spanish speaking and Bilingual students. Recently, this site got a Blogger update using the Jemma theme. Gladys wanted bright colors to coordinate with her “mascot”, the owl. As part of her redesign, a new header and logo were created as well as promo boxes targeting important site pages. […]

Your Dual Classroom, a whimsical site for teachers of bilingual learners

Your Dual Classroom offers bilingual resources for classroom teachings.

Judy from Your Dual Classroom is a brand new blogger and owner of a Teachers Pay Teachers store. She loves watercolor paintings, and I was able to pull into her site all of her favorite primary colors. She wanted the main colors of the site to be green which represents Spanish and blue which represents […]