Your Dual Classroom, a whimsical site for teachers of bilingual learners

Your Dual Classroom offers bilingual resources for classroom teachings.

Judy from Your Dual Classroom is a brand new blogger and owner of a Teachers Pay Teachers store. She loves watercolor paintings, and I was able to pull into her site all of her favorite primary colors. She wanted the main colors of the site to be green which represents Spanish and blue which represents English. Plus, her focus is on early learners in PreK and Kindergarten, so the animals all give her site a child friendly look.

More Details about Your Dual Classroom

Your Dual Classroom is a Blogger site using the Savannah theme. We did not include the slider in her theme, but it normally goes just below the menu. The site includes a blogging format with just one home page. All blog content flows below the promo boxes on this site. You can visit her site by clicking the image above.

Your Dual Classroom Testimonial:

Judy was pretty pleased with her site and is excited to dig in and grow her business. Here’s what she had to say about our experience working together.

Carla was great to work with! She was fast, and she got my blog done exactly how I wanted it. In fact, she exceeded my expectations! I love to just look at my blog because Carla made it so visually appealing. She went beyond the call of duty to explain things to me as a new blogger, and to make sure everything is working well, and to make sure that I understood how to get going! I HIGHLY recommend that you take the plunge into the blogging world with Carla on your side! 5 stars!

Judy G.
Your Dual Classroom offers bilingual resources for primary teachers.

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Your Dual Classroom, a whimsical site for teachers of bilingual learners


Carla has been blogging since 2012, and through that experience, she learned how to maintain and fix things on her website. Over time, friends asked for help, and with a strong interest in technology, Carla became interested in designing. She's worked to learn and grow, and has created about 50 sites so far. She's able to help you with Blogger or Wordpress sites and will stick with the job til you are 100% satisfied.

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